... an interesting/remarkable product. They are truly things needed by the force. As our missions evolve and for the current missions we have, this product has a litany of applications in our environment.
--- Special Forces Commander

The guys who have the STRYKR gear love and wear them all the time. So much better than how we used to conceal carry!
--- Federal Special Agent-in-Charge, Counter Surveillance

Overall, the CCS (Covert Carry System) was strongly supported by all operational personnel and government representatives that either assessed the pants/shorts or witnessed a demonstration of the pants/shorts. One senior SM stated that's a "subdued CCS pant could revolutionize concealed carry missions."
--- Assistant Secretary of the Army Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology; Adaptive Red Team (ART) / Technical Support & Operational Analysis (TSOA) 15-1; Covert Carry System ART/TSOA 15-1 Summary Report / 8-12 December 2014, Camp Blanding, FL

The improvements made to the draw pockets were an excellent alteration. Making the pocket wider allowed for an easier snag-free draw for slightly larger framed guns. Giving an operator an additional way to carry concealed, in this manner is a home run hit.
--- Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat (SFAUC), Instructor

Pants worked well (at the gun range)... for simple concealed carry and being able to access weapon and shoot, they worked well. I think the pants are probably the best option for concealed carry, at least for our full sized pistols. It looks like your company has got a pretty bright future!
--- Special Tactics Force Modernization

I am impressed with the evolution of this product and the durability of the chosen components. The fit, finish and sizing was as advertised. I like the fact that this is a US manufactured product, through and through. I found the security of the holster good and the option of the ability to carry 2 extra magazines or one magazine and a tactical light does not limit the wearer to less optimum choices.
--- Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat (SFAUC), Instructor

My initial thoughts on them are great. I really think that this something that we need to look into for our PSD missions that come up. A great advantage STRYKR offers over the IWB Cary method is that I can wear anything on top that I want and not have to worry about printing, which is a huge advantage."
--- Special Forces Operator

Wearing the docker style (Agent) pants today. They fit great! Very low profile!
--- Federal Special Agent-in-Charge, Counter Surveillance

I feel for tactical real world use it (STRYKR Agent Covert Carry Holster Pants System) will be the best answer to the problem of printing and lethality.
--- Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat (SFAUC), Instructor