RVP - Retail Vending Program

What if you could sell Glock, Sig Sauer and 5.11 brands from your store without paying for product & tying-up your capital into inventory?

The STRYKR Retail Vendor Program (RVP) is simple. It allows you to offer your customers - past, present and future - the most sought after and innovative conceal carry gear on the market today, while generating optimal revenue streams without any investment into inventory.

Introducing the world’s first conceal-carry drop down tactical holster system named one of the “Top 10 Hot Products of the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference” (SOFIC). 

Developed and used by Federal Agents and Special Forces Operators, the STRYKR Covert Carry line is a new and innovative patent-pending conceal carry system which features a low profile drop-down tactical holster covertly integrated into well designed pants and shorts that accommodates virtually all pistol platforms from small to large with great comfort and safety, while providing a one-handed snag-resistant draw.

Your store is provided with its own unique Retail Vendor ID code (RVID) printed on sales cards placed at point-of-purchase areas and into customers shopping bags. We even have an option for in store displays with mannequins and LED screens running videos of gear demos.

These sales cards showcase the STRYKR Covert Carry gear and your stores name, logo and unique RVID while directing your customers to the STRYKR website. You customer can then review our products, testimonials and online videos to check out the gear for themselves at their leisure, on their phones or at home.

Once your customer makes a purchase on STRYKR’s website, they use your RVID to receive a discount off the STRYKR gear, which you determine, up to 20%.

Their order comes into STRYKR’s online system tagged with your RVID, then directly ships to them from our fulfillment center.

At the end of every month, sales are tracked using your Retail Vendor ID code and payment is provided to your business.

How much payment is provided to your business? That is up to you!

Your business is provided with a total of 30% off retail to distribute between your customer and your business. You can adjust the percentage proportions as you see fit anytime.

You could provide 10% off retail to your customers and keep the 20% difference for yourself. Or, you may offer 5% off retail and keep 25% for yourself. You decide.

example: our DELTA pants retail for $139 and you provide 10% off to your customer, only paying $125.10. You take 20% from their purchase providing you $25.02 profit. Sell 1000 units throughout the year and make over $25,000 profit.

Our in-store displays grabs attention quickly! we even have an option for in store displays with mannequins and LED screens running videos of gear demos. See photo.

Training is available through online videos so you and your staff can train any place and any time. In person training is available as well. Please contact your STRYKR sales rep to inquire.

Your customers can try out any STRYKR product for 2 weeks and if they need to exchange a size or color, or if they’re not satisfied with their purchase for any reason, STRYKR will provide free shipping back to our exchange and return center, and a 100% refund. Your store is not responsible for, nor handles, exchanges or returns.

After their 2-week trial, your customers rest easy with a limited 3-year warranty on the STRYKR gear. If we can’t repair it, STRYKR will replace it at no charge. All warranty issues are directed to STRYKR’s customer service. Your store is not responsible for, nor handles, exchanges or returns.

STRYKR will provide a prewritten Facebook post and link with your Retail Vendor ID CODE to place on your FB page to generate sales with your customers and fans. Your code, when used at check-out on our website, gets your customers their discount on any and all purchases they ever make. In return, your store earns commission on every sale.

Have an email list of customers from 2, 3 or even 10 years back? One quick blast using our prewritten email and you can earn residual income from customers years past.

Take advantage of viral sales via social media and emails to boost your bottom line with no expended capital! When a customer shares your Facebook posts, forwards a sales email or sale card, you can be opening up greater sales channels than just people walking through your door. Have a store in Florida? Our prewritten FB post shared can open up new customers in Texas or California... anywhere in the USA! Your friends share it to their friends, and their friends share it with their friends... all while earning any sales made with your code. The possibilities are endless.

to learn more about our Retail Vendor Program
e: vendorprogram@strykrusa.com
p: (888) 366-6299