Customer Reviews

I have my pair, and they measure up. VERY good product. My Kimber Tactical Ultra II fits perfectly - like the pants were made just to carry that pistol. However, it also very comfortably holds my Smith 645 .45 ACP. Big frame pistol. Very discrete, very comfortable. Excellent product. ---Paul B

Quality made - good fit. The pocket is held closed with two strips of velcro. Great for retention (even if you are inverted). All-in-all I like the pants. The holster works great and there is zero printing of the pistol... Give it 4 out of 5 stars. ---William M. Jr

As a Security Officer I open carry, a lot. I got my STRYKR Delta Cargo Pants this weekend. First of all these are dressy cargo pants. I carried concealed all day, and it was the most comfortable conceal carry experience I have ever had. I can draw faster from my STRYKR pants than I can my triple retention duty holster. I'm truly impressed. ---Mark A

Finally, got mine in... but they are as advertised, Fit well and are very comfortable and hide my .45 1911 compact... the only change I would make is to sew in I or 2 mag pockets within the opposite side cargo pocket. ---Bob W

Okay received my STRYKR pants today. They fit very well, the thigh strap took a minute to get used to, but it holds the weapon firmly in place, no wobble and is easy to draw. The pants are comfortable and look nice. Overall very satisfied with these. ---Billy B

Finally got my pair, I love them... worth the wait. I will likely order three more and wear them every day!  ---Steven K

I have gotten great service out of the people that make these STRYKR pants. I had a bit of a problem in the beginning. I let them know, they took care of it right away. I recommend these pants now that I've seen them and worn them. ---Bud M

Have been wearing mine and really like it! None can tell it is in the pocket. ---Leon S

Got my shorts the other day and I LOVE THEM ! They fit great and keep my big frame .45 or my little .380 totally secure with very quick access just like the video shows. I want more pairs of these!! Will be ordering black next. Thank you guys for a great product. ---Aaron A

Received today. Love the pocket design, thanx ---Lamar S

I received the pants today. I tried them on with my Sig 228 although I will probably carrying my Sig P320 .45. About the same size though. It carried well. Yes, you can see a bulge but it's not like you expect a gun to be in there. They are growing so fast due to this excellent product. Get one! ---John T